Vitamin C was born Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, on July 20, 1972

Install C++ Compilers in backtrack 5 r1

apt-get install build-essential

compiling your first C Program

1. gedit first.cpp
root@bt:~# gedit first.cpp
this will open gedit

2. paste in

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
cout << “Hello World!”;
return 0;

3. save and exit the file

4. compile the code using the following command

cc -c first.cpp

root@bt:~# cc -c first.cpp

5. then create an executable using the following command
g++ first.cpp -o first

root@bt:~# g++ first.cpp -o first

6. you can now run your file

root@bt:~# ./first
Hello World!root@bt:~#


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