Welcome to digitalebola, New Territory located in Sugar Land, Texas, a community of

Picture the scene, the air is thick with smoke, the vibe is high, yet the mood slow. A 50’s style black gloss clock/radio the kind reproduced today. Designed to be at home in any Chic Decor!  This radio sitting happily high on top of a Dark Espresso Solid Curved Wood  side table. Next to this radio sits a white mp3 player. An apple logo and glowing screen visible through the airs smoke, that a knife could cut. A lead from this modern device plugs directly into the 50’s style black gloss clock/radio its speakers moving, soft, slow, jazz thanks to kid koala.

The middle of the room (space) is completed by an expertly crafted solid hand made round oak table. On top near kiss a forest green suited poker cloth. Six chairs filed by players, these dogs have style, they play big there bets are cold.

Play stops as the phone rings. a silence takes presence. Replacing drunken yet controlled banter.  Kid koala is muted, speakers dulled. Again! the phone rings? The six look from one then to another. All thinking how? How can it be no one knows the number?

The doberman of this pack, hand moves, no shiver or shake. Yet brain is a twitch with thoughts of what or who will be on the other line. With solid act the phone is freed it’s hiss of analogue 8 bit mono tone no voip here? “Yes?” the doberman asks. The reply “Is this myExploitHQ?” confused yet not unmoved, as this day was always to come, doberman replies, “yes, how help may we?” not that this was the  time for jokes or to unmoved from such an IT stereotype of Yoda? Now the reply almost music that came next was unexpected. “I want in, but under a sudo you understand?” The fast unthinking reply of “YES!” came before the other five had chance to vote. Some decisions come from the gut, a male  weakness trait in particular.

The handset lowered doberman looks up. The five faces of confusion, read his face of grin, there unrest settles. “one of Europe’s leading wintel admins wants in. Under a sudo you understand.”

Myexploit please welcome new member digitalebola, we await your 1st post!


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