Looking for answers to your Groundhog Day questions? You’ve come to the right spot!

Heat of the late afternoon sun, with days light dimming, giving way to night. Seated outside an aged metro red cracked leather chaise lounge warmed from the suns softening touch, sand amongst the toes. Behind this scene a much desired beachfront property with spacious living room and master bedroom. Beautiful blue calm sea views, new fitted kitchen, screened porch and rear patio. Described as move-in ready with original Brazilian cherry wood floors.

The acceptance of cash, no forms or questions, following an agreement of six months upfront cost. This agreement would pan out well for the owner, as next month the property would be vacant. Learning young a requirement to move on fast taking no ties or baggage, she had the gift, fitting in as required, popular, when visible, not remembered  once gone.

Glancing away from her monitor for a second, her large green eyes appreciating the blue calm sea. A completely different vision from the last assignment she thought.  Stealing eye for a second from view to reach, her left hand,  piano fingers ready, meeting a single crystal glass filled with an aged malt whiskey. Right fingers steady on her slipping laptop. The led screen aglow. Concentrating harder unclouded presently from whiskey residue, drinking helps her sleep, she justifies.

It was time, and she knew this, time to forget the past, all wrongs done, all rights still to do. The target not of real importance to her. A simple number, a name, a url, all meaning the same. Someone wanted in and they are paying.

Her screen, led aglow, time for ssid roulette, no real authentication, this present location, not just attractive, like her. A wash of easy access,  Her fingers darting fast over lose keys, A terminal screen the black screen as clear as a gui for you, ifconfig down, macchanger, ifconfig wlan0 up, dhclient wlan0,

root@bt:~# vpnc-connect myvpn
Connect Banner: “Welcome to the pit, we all float down here!”
| Welcome to
| MyExploitHQ
| *** VPN Service ***
| Your connection is now secure


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