St No Hope School of Unimportance

Study Grade Comment
English D – MyExploit shows no lack of drive with regards to studies. If he/she spent as much time studying as they do doodling maybe they might be able to move from the bottom set. Present level of reading / writing is poor.
Math E – MyExploit has given up. There seems to be no desire or attempt to try and improve. If he/she continues on this track I see no real chance to amount to anything in life.
Science D – MyExploit enjoys Science, He/She is a joy to teach, let down by lack of confidence in the write up. Spelling also seems to hold MyExploit back.
history D – My Exploit shows no interest He/She simply doodles in there note book. I see no point in trying to teach students with no desire, passion or ability.
IT D – MyExploit shows great interest in His/Her own computer studies There is ability, and skill. Let down by an unwilling to listen. MyExploit should spend less time trying to brake computers and concentrate.
Sport B – MyExploit shows great team work. He/She actively responds well to challenge.


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