Your password was changed 29 days ago. Didn’t change your password? —–

01/01/2011 10:00am

Dear SirMyExploitHQ, You have received an infraction at not so Tech & Computer Forums.

Reason: Permanent Ban  ——-Banned for Spam ham.  If you feel this is in error contact an Administrator

01/01/2011 10:01am The Reply

160 Broadway
New York, NY

Dear Administrator,

Please receive and accept our deepest apology for the act/acts that have contributed to our Permanent Ban from your help groups, websites and online forums.
We hope that you can find it in your hart to give us forgiveness, please understand this act will never happen again.

Just to speed up any future potential issues please ban our other active profiles from your site, Mark_Toms, Sara_Jones, Capt-in_thunder_pants, SQL_Tim, GemmaG and Carl-Jones.

If required we can send you, the complete list of all your active users or to speed up any unwanted future posts we could simply,

drop table users_db1;

look forward to your reply,



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