1 Oct 2003 – In Search of the Impossible Dream?


On a different note while surfing we found this.

Welcome Tor Users!

We are happy to welcome you to Startpage, the world’s most private search engine. Startpage now serves well over 2 million searches per day, making us the biggest private search service on the Internet.

Like Tor, Startpage was private long before privacy was cool. We have a twelve-year company track record, and we are the only search engine that can back up our privacy promises with third-party certification.

Here are just a few of our powerful, privacy-protecting features:

We do not record anything about you — not your IP address, not your search queries, and we never use tracking cookies.
We provide 100% Google results — We submit your search anonymously to Google and return their results to you in total privacy.
We encrypt all traffic — using HTTPS, so even your ISP can’t snoop on your searches.
We offer a powerful free proxy — that lets you anonymously view third-party websites with every search.
We’re third-party certified and independently audited — by EuroPrise and Certified Secure, so you can take our privacy promises to the bank.

We love Tor!

No longer feel dirty using Google.

Please don’t like MyExploitHQ


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