human – inside the, “Mindset” Introducing….. Gerasimos

I was looking mainly for someone who was an IS excellent

1. difficult to catch an elusive thief.
2. preferring or living in solitude and anonymity.
3. difficult to remember an elusive thought. elusively adv. elusiveness n …

Gerasimos Kassaras. Title: Senior Information Security Consultant,

Who Supports Elusive Thoughts?

Name or Alias = Gerasimos

blog name =

IT exsperince in years = 10

What got you into IT = obsessed

What music do you like = Metal Progressive

Your favorite food = hot dogs

Favorite drink = redbull

Your favorite IT tools = nc

Your favorite pentest tools = nc

Do you think been able to write code is important to been a pentester and why? = don’t know

What languages do you code in? = python

what OS do you use for day to day work/fun = win7

What OS do you use for pentesting = win7

What do you prefer for virtual lab VM or Virtualbox = vm

What do you prefer Gui or command line =GUI

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