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backtrack 5 r1


Free Proxy list

Search should include

Proxy country = all
Port(s)  = all
Protocol = socks4/5
Anonymity level = untick None
Speed = all
Connection time = all
PlanetLab  = include

Update results


1. Open the proxychains.conf (this is to add proxy ip address found from above site)
root@bt:~# cd /etc
root@bt:/etc# gedit proxychains.conf

This will open your proxychains.conf in gedit

under ProxyList section add proxy ip address found from

Example bellow


socks4/5  1080
socks4/5  1080
socks4/5     1080

2. Then press Ctrl s (to save)

3. Start up Tor (

4. to use proxychains go to your programs directory and type in proxychains before the program.

proxychains nmap -vvv -n -sT -PN -p 80,445,129 (ip address)

You should see the bellow start to happen but with your proxy address

|R-chain|– :1080-<–timeout
|R-chain|– :1080-<–timeout
|R-chain|– :1080-<–timeout
|R-chain|– :1080-<–timeout
|R-chain|– :1080–(ip address):80–OK

ok = good
timeout = delete this proxy and find more ( it does take some time to find live ones)

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