protection – truecrypt

backtrack 5r1 linux  Standard – 32-bit (x86) to root

4. un tar the downloaded file
tar -zxvf truecrypt-7.1a-linux-x86.tar.gz (Change as required dependent on version downloaded.)
root@bt:~#tar -zxvf truecrypt-7.1a-linux-x86.tar.gz

5.start the install

6. pop up opens stating the three options bellow click

Install TrueCrypt
I accept and agree

7. once installed
Truecrypt short cut is placed under Accessories

8. click on the truecrypt short cut once

9. 1st time you need to create an encrypted drive to store your goods.

Click Create Volume
Create an enccrypted file container
stander truecrypt volume
select file (select a text file or pic this will become your encrypted folder) – Specify a new truecrypt volume (click Browse for other folders)
choose the file you want to convert into encrypted folder click Save
will warn you that this will replace file click Replace
Encryption Algorithm = AES
Hash Algorithm = RIPEMD-160
Volume Size = up to you
volume Password = up to you
Filesystem type = FAT
Volume Format – move your mouse around to generate a random pool key

Once Volume is Created

10. Now you need to open the created encrypted drive.

Click on a slot
Select file (pic the file you converted into an encrypted drive)
Password = What ever you placed in during creating

Back on the DeskTop your encrypted drive should be mounted. If not look under Places and you should see it.

Once your done click Dismount (this re hides the encrypted drive)

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