human – inside the, “Mindset” Introducing….. Sudhir

It doesnt matter I recognized it as an A cheeky exploit and I am just surprised

and respected today..

please welcome otis Sudhir, the A new king

Name or Alias = Sudhir

blog name =

IT exsperince in years = 1

What got you into IT = Pentester

What music do you like = hip hop

Your favorite food = anything made with chicken

Favorite drink = pepsi

Your favorite IT tools = *

Your favorite pentest tools = many

Do you think been able to write code is important to been a pentester and why? = im not big coder. i have basic knowledge and its a must

What languages do you code in? = basics in php , c , html

what OS do you use for day to day work/fun = win 7

What OS do you use for pentesting = backtrack

What do you prefer for virtual lab VM or Virtualbox = VM

What do you prefer Gui or command line =both

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